Protecting Consumers Through Education and Enforcement

April 12, 2022

The Utah Department of Commerce’s mission is to “Strengthen trust in Utah’s Commercial Activities.” Our Division of Consumer Protection supports that mission by protecting consumers from commercial harm through education and enforcement. We want to make sure the consumers know how the Division of Consumer Protection can help.

Here are the frequently asked questions the Utah Division of Consumer Protection gets from the public and the corresponding answers to those questions:

1. If I need a transcript for a postsecondary school that I attended, where do I go?

In some instances, the Division maintains student transcripts for closed postsecondary schools previously registered with the Division. To find out if the Division has a record for the postsecondary school you attended, please follow this link: If a postsecondary school you attended is not on the list, please contact the Division. You can email the Division at or call 801-530-6601.

2. Where do I go to file a complaint with the Division?

The Division can investigate many, but not all, issues with consumer transactions. Please contact us to see if we can take your complaint via phone (801-530-6601) or email ( The Division also has a complaint query which can also assist you in determining whether or not your complaint can be investigated.

3. What types of businesses does the Division regulate?

Some of the businesses the Division regulates include telemarketing companies, charitable organizations, postsecondary schools, health spas, business opportunities, and credit service organizations. To find out more, please visit this link:

To find out if a business is registered with the Division, please visit this link:

4. What are some tips to help me avoid being the victim of a scam?

The best way to prevent being scammed or having a problem in a consumer transaction is to be educated on the issues. The Division has a list of common problems a consumer may encounter at this link: We encourage consumers to be educated on ways to prevent consumer fraud.

5. I registered my business with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Why do I need to register my business with the Division of Consumer Protection?

In addition to the registration of your business, there may be other laws that need to be followed based on the type of business you operate. To find out if the Division regulates the type of business you operate, please visit this link: If you have any questions after reviewing the list, please email the Division ( or call 801-530-6601.