You asked, we’re answering: Your top questions about the Division of Real Estate

February 25, 2022

Every day we get a variety of questions coming into The Utah Department of Commerce. We asked our Divisions what are some of the most commonly asked questions they get and are answering those questions for you over the next couple months on the blog, so stay tuned!
Starting with our Division of Real Estate, here are your top questions and the answers to those questions:
Q – How do I file a Complaint with the Division?
A – The complaint form is located on the Division’s website. The Division requires the complaint form to be filled out and signed, along with copies of any supporting documents.

Q – How can I change my brokerage affiliation?
A – Go to your RELMs account via and click Change Affiliation and follow instructions on selecting the brokerages you want to change. Both brokers will receive email notification and will have up to ten days to acknowledge the change. The change cannot be finalized until both brokers acknowledge the change.

Q – My Broker will not pay me my commissions; can I file a complaint against the Broker?
A – No, the Division does not get involved in commission disputes, you must sue civilly first and obtain a judgement from a Court. Once you have a judgement then you can file a complaint with the Division.

Q – How do I check my Continuing Education or see what I need in order to renew my license?
A – Go to your RELMs account via and View CE Courses Completed, you will be able to see what course you have, and what you will need in order to renew your license.

Q – What is RAPBack, and do I need it, do I need to enroll at every renewal?
A – “The RAPBack service allows authorized agencies to receive notification of activity on individuals who hold positions of trust (e.g. school teachers, daycare workers [and now real estate and appraisal licensees]), thus eliminating the need for recurring background checks on a person from the same applicant agency…”
Yes, real estate and appraiser licensees will need to enroll into the RAPBack program when they renew their license during their renewal period. Go to and click the RAPBack Service to start the enrolment process.
You will only have to enroll once unless you allow your license to expire for more than one year.

Q – I want to cancel my agency agreement; can the Division help me.
A – No, the Division does not have the authority to break a legally binding contract. You will have to contact the principal broker and work out an agreeable release with him or seek legal advice.

Q – I have issues with my Home Owners Association and the management company they hired not enforcing the HOA’s Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions, what state agency oversees HOAs?
A – There is no state agency that has jurisdiction over HOAs, if they are not compliant with the CC&R’s it would be a civil matter.

If your Real Estate question didn’t make this list, visit the Division’s website or contact them at 801-530-6747.