Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready to Register Your Business

November 19, 2021

Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations and Commercial Code has been registering more entities than previous years (1.36% more LLC’s in 2019.) With so many people setting up new businesses, we want to help the process go more smoothly. Sometimes people come to our OneStop Business Registration System first before they know how they want to file.

We at Commerce do have a website to help you read up on the different types of entities and filings, but we cannot give you legal advice on how to file. We encourage you to get legal advice before you file, so you have a clear idea of your liability and what type of filing fits your business best. We stress that this filing website is not intended to substitute nor replace the advice of legal counsel.

Many people think getting a lawyer is too expensive, so they skip this step, but in Utah there are free and low-cost legal resources. Please visit and click on “PUBLIC SERVICES” to be connected with these resources. Additionally, the following legal clinics may be a helpful resource for you as you plan your business: BYULaw,

Once you choose what filing or entity fits your business’s needs best, then it’s time to file using our OneStop Business Registration System. This system is a collaboration between Commerce, the Utah State Tax Commission and Utah Department of Workforce Services. These three State Departments have collaborated to make the process of registering your business in Utah easier and more efficient. In doing so, we understand it might be confusing where to get specific things:
• If you need your Utah State Tax ID you will go to the Utah State Tax Commission.
• If you need your Federal EIN or Tax ID you go to the Internal Revenue Service (known also as the “IRS”).

If you need to apply for a business license, go to your local municipality or county. You can find contact information for Utah’s municipalities and counties here.
So, when you’re ready to start your business, Commerce is your OneStop Business Registration location. Congratulations on registering your new business in Utah!