Real Estate License Management System (RELMS)

August 24, 2021

RELMS – (Real Estate License Management System)

All Real Estate Licensees will set up an online RELMS Account when initially licensed and will be able to update any personal information, make changes to license status or brokerage affiliation, view completed continuing education as well as print and renew the license.

Best way to access RELMS is through the Division of Real Estate Website: – Top Right of the Homepage, click on RELMS.
You will need to input the Username/Password that was initially set up with the account and if unsure of this information, click on the “Forgot” Links or you can call the RELMS Tech Support at: (801) 983-0275.

Once logged into the user’s account, it will list at the top the license that is currently being managed. Sales Agents will typically only have one account to view, whereas Brokers can manage their personal license as well as any Company/Branch License that they are over—just by clicking the dropdown.

Any updates that are made on RELMS will not instantly show, it can take up to 1-2 business days for the changes to be recorded. When requesting a change of affiliation or change in license status, it will also require acknowledgment from the brokers that are involved with the change. Once all parties have accepted, it can take up to 2 business days to reflect in the system. All Change Requests are only valid for TEN DAYS—if not acknowledged within that timeframe, it will need to be canceled and resubmitted by the licensee.

In the License Details Section, on the right hand side of the page—You will find the options to Print or Order a Duplicate License, Order Certified License History, View Completed Continuing Education Courses, Change Status or Renew License (if within 45 days of expiration date).