Educational Video Series Sheds Light on Engineering and Land Surveying Licensure

August 3, 2021

The Department of Commerce and the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) are making strides to educate Engineering and Land Surveying licensees and those interested in these professions. DOPL recently released a series of videos that introduce the public to the licensure process for engineers and land surveyors as well as clearing up some common confusion.
DOPL issues licenses to about a quarter of a million people in over 60 categories of licensure. Many of these categories contain subcategories. For instance, Engineering and Land Surveying is just one category of licensure, but there are three license types: Professional Engineer (PE), Professional Structural Engineer (PSE), and Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). There are about 10,000 active licensees between these three license types and there continues to be interest in these professions. For the 2019-2020 school year, 1,677 students graduated from accredited Utah programs that qualify for engineering/land surveying licensure.
Between the thousands of active licensees, students in engineering/land surveying fields, and other interested parties, DOPL decided to provide educational materials that will help prepare future applicants, provide a “refresher” of sorts to those who may have forgotten engineering/land surveying regulations, and clarify topics that may be misunderstood.
The educational series is divided into 5 short videos and are best watched in the following order:
1. The Importance of Engineer/Land Surveyor Licensure
2. Requirements & Process for Engineer/Land Surveyor Licensure
3. Online Licensure Application Tutorial (this tutorial may be helpful for those applying for any occupation or profession)
4. Proper Engineer/Land Surveyor Seal Usage
5. Unprofessional/Unlawful Conduct and Disciplinary Actions
In addition to the educational video series, DOPL also created an online course that is designed for students studying engineering and/or land surveying, but is available to any member of the public or active licensee. The course is beneficial to those who want to dive deeper into topics that the videos only scratched the surface on. To enroll in this online course as a member of the public, click HERE. If you are a state employee, you may enroll in the course via this link.
For more information on Engineering and Land Surveying licensure, go to or email

To watch the videos go to our Utah Commerce Youtube channel: