Consumer Protections New Online Intake Process

July 30, 2021

Our Division of Consumer Protection has recently launched a new Online Complaint Process. Now consumers can file complaints entirely online, including submitting digital copies of their evidence related to their complaints. The new online complaint process is integrated with a new investigative software database that Division personnel will be using to investigate complaints.

This new online intake process allows the Division to review and assign incoming complaints more efficiently. It also allows investigators immediate access to the complaint information and evidence, leading to more responsive investigative efforts. We are also excited that the new digital process will allow us to more quickly refer constituents to other Divisions within the Department of Commerce or other state agencies for those who were not sure who the complaint needed to go to. We know how frustrating it can be being bounced around and having to start the process over.
If you prefer the old way of filing a complaint and still want a paper form, we still have the option of receiving physical complaints and mailing or faxing your information in to us. This new online complaint option is another step the Division is taking to keep on pace with the changing digital landscape of consumer transactions and investigations.

URL for online intake:

URL for manual complaint form: