The Utah Department of Commerce Announces the Official Launch of the Utah Office of Artificial Intelligence Policy

July 8, 2024

The Utah Department of Commerce Utah is pleased to announce the official launch of its Office of Artificial Intelligence (OAIP). This launch represents a significant milestone in Utah’s dedication to shaping responsible AI policies for the benefit of its residents and businesses.

Utah is home to many artificial intelligence companies. As a state, we aim to encourage this nascent industry and optimize conditions to ensure its growth and success. However, we recognize people’s many concerns about artificial intelligence and take those concerns seriously. Utah is taking the lead nationally by creating the Office of AI Policy, where we can study these issues closely and learn how to regulate AI effectively. 

Our new AI Policy Office’s Learning Lab will assess areas where improved AI policies can clear regulatory burdens for AI companies and protect the public from potential harm. The Learning Lab will then engage with companies, stakeholders, and experts to test policy ideas and ultimately make policy recommendations to the legislature. 

This new office will also be where innovative companies can negotiate with state leaders to create regulatory mitigation agreements to launch their products with more regulatory certainty responsibly.

The design of the AI Lab allows us to be agile, react to market conditions as new issues arise, and address policy problems in real time to the extent that resources allow.

Whether we’re talking about privacy, education, healthcare, or any other part of our lives that AI impacts, the Lab’s mission is to convene these conversations and bring stakeholders together so we can “get it right.”

About OAIP: The Utah Office of Artificial Intelligence (UOAI) is committed to fostering innovation and ensuring the ethical and equitable use of AI technologies across Utah. OAIP aims to establish Utah as an AI policy and implementation leader through stakeholder collaboration. Learn more about the office at